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Social media: Facebook’s battle for eye-balls?

Even the die-hards can’t escape the impact of social media. The first graph in the below article shows that amongst USA oldies, over a third now use Facebook as a source of political news.

So what does it mean for us MarComms folks and the way we design of a marketing strategy?
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Well, it means we can’t afford to argue that Facebook is just for those across in consumer PR and the rest of our interests are still best served by LinkedIn.

The Pew Research Centre data explores the differences between the generations. Not surprisingly, Gen X & Y use F/b much more for following political (hard) news.

And it seems the wise-heads in a number of major news outlets are influenced by Facebook’s aggressive growth away from school yard and consumer chatter and are adjusting their marketing strategy to suit.

This NYT article,, discusses how Facebook is launching its new combative initiative, Instant News Feed. The papers that are enlisted to this fight for people’s eyeballs, by publishing on Facebook so far include pretty significant heavy weights: The New York Times, The Guardian, NBC News, National Geographic, The Atlantic, BBC News and Spiegel.

It would seem to indicate that we need to be well across Facebook, as well as LI (and Tw) as the three channels aggressively compete our audiences’ attention.

I’d be interested in others’ thoughts?

(The Pew Research Centre datCrisis PRa also bodes well for local TV, but would cause anxiety amongst almost all other publishers. So be prepared, as local outlets compete for relevance, for more car crashes, break-ins and bashings on Ch 9,7,10, with an increasingly tabloid local ABC, and politicians increasingly focused on the nightly ratings. That’s an uplifting prospect isn’t it?)

N.B. The Pew data was gathered a year ago, probably released now to coincide with the increasing interest in the coming US elections. The Instant News Feed plans are current.

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