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How Important is a Good Website? Answer: 70%

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responsiveness 2The other 30% is Responsiveness…

A study group has analysed the world’s top 500 universities  and the importance of their websites to student recruitment. How impt is a good website

It has found that ‘through students’ eyes’, the  Usability of the site is the most important aspect of online recruitment (40%).

Importantly the Responsiveness  – the communication skills – the interaction students receive is as important as Findability (30%).

This is critical information for online marketers.

  • 37% of the top 500 institutions replied to the student enquiries in an average of half a day.
  • 21% didn’t respond at all.

So in an increasingly competitive market, in which people will be checking you out online, Responsiveness is critical. It’s not just a matter of pushing out information.

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