The Price on Carbon: confusion undermines confidence

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Are you confused? Well, so is practically everyone else. Globally. There’s a lot to be learnt on leadership by watching how countries deal with this.

It seems that almost every political party has found it a minefield, juggling environmental sustainability and the economy.

Strong, clear leadership and messages will win – see our six fundamentals for campaign success.

Our own Australian Productivity Commission has struggled to analyse, in its first report and then supplementary report, how to compare the cost of carbon and carbon assistance packages of different countries, pointing out that:

  • “More than 1000 carbon policy measures were identified in the nine countries studied, ranging from (limited) emissions trading schemes to policies that support particular types of abatement technology.
  • “All policies impose costs that someone must pay

…..and emphasising confusion globally as well as asking the Federal Government for more information on its policies before making a comparison.

  • “Substantially more information would be required to make a proper assessment.”

 There is clearly a lot of argument, globally, still to come on the carbon tax or any other way of pricing carbon. All fuel for the Abbott ‘blood pledge’ to scrap the tax.

For more on this visit Marcus Priest’s (4th Jan) article in the AFR – (Call for Clarity on Carbon Assistance).

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