To guide the folks at Wilkinson Group and Wilkinson Butler, and our clients, we have a Code of Conduct that we work to, and our clients sign up to when we start each project.

It helps start us down the path of communication that creates trust.Wilkinson Group

Code of Conduct – The Wilkinson Group & Wilkinson Butler:

  • Strives to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth (and requires our clients to do the same), also avoiding extravagant claims and unfair comparisons and taking credit for ideas and words borrowed from others.
  • Accepts a positive duty to observe the highest standards in its business practice and the practice of public relations.
  • Will terminate working for a client immediately if a client is found to be deliberately misleading or deceiving us or its stakeholders.
  • Will act for a client of any racial, religious or sexual persuasion, without fear or favour, all other considerations being equal.
  • Will act for or advise political and industry groups and individuals, without aligning itself to the policies of any political organisation. Wilkinson Group and Wilkinson Butler do not wish to be aligned, or be seen to be aligned, with any political organisation.
  • Will treat with wariness any individual or organisation asking for client services that has been convicted of a crime or has been convicted of criminal activity. Considerations that will be taken into account include the nature of the crime, whether the penalty has been paid, the time that has passed since the crime was committed, and evidence of remorse.
  • Is conscious that there are some companies that are controversial because their products or activities appear to do public damage. These include companies whose products adversely affect people’s health or general or financial well-being. Wilkinson Group and Wilkinson Butler will consider working for such companies with caution, based on factors such as evidence of good governance, good corporate citizenship or a commitment to improve.
  • Will consider other factors that may, for instance, adversely affect our ability to fulfill our mission or impact on our ability to service our other clients.
  • Asks that new clients sign the Wilkinson Group/Wilkinson Butler client agreement, including this Code before commencing work. In the event of crisis communications or an emergency, the Agreement is to be signed as soon as practicable, in which case our work can commence after the Agreement is explained to the client representative who agrees to its points.
  • Requires that if a client substantially modifies the client agreement, or asks us to sign an agreement of its own design, the agreement be reviewed by Wilkinson Group/Wilkinson Butler directors, and if it’s deemed necessary a process be defined to monitor the progress of the relationship.


This Code was first written in 2009.

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