Leadership and the Social/Digital Revolution: Are you becoming the Laggard?

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tortoise 2The social/digital revolution has created a blind spot for CEOs.

  • Traditionally, culture is strongest at the top and weakens down the line. The mission, vision and values are well understood in the executive suite, but less understood by the junior staff.
  • With social/digital it’s the reverse. With the biggest driver of cultural change, the blind spot is on the top floor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.28.53 amIt’s topsy-turvy. 

Here’s just one piece of supporting evidence from the Pew Research Journalism Project, looking at where people get their news. The digital natives get a lot of it on social media. They are sharing information, including what’s happening at work. And in the same research paper are stats to show that only about a quarter of these people read newspapers.

 Social media chat is increasingly driving your company’s culture.

So, are you, the CEO, the laggard?

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