“A man with fame in the Public Relations industry that can only be earned through great deed and excellent work.Wilkinson Group

I had the great fortune of beginning my first serious career at Wilkinson Group under the guidance of Peter Wilkinson, at the time with 10 years experience in the PR industry and over 30 as a journalist. Suffice to say, I am humbled. Peter’s care and attention to detail is incredible. He’s the only person I know who’s just as interested in a 140 character tweet as he is in an entire communications strategy; it makes him very refreshing to work with and learn from.

Aside from his professional qualities and calibre, Peter is also an exceptional friend. He has, time and again, offered counsel and advice freely and without obligation for a mate. I look forward to a long-lasting friendship with Peter and would highly recommend, at the least, catching up with him for a coffee and picking his brain – you will be delighted at what you find.”

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