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Learning from Abbott – hire slow, fire fast. Basic Crisis PR

By February 14, 2015 No Comments

Abbott should have been fired this week. It would have happened in a successful business with a clearly focussed board. The kind of paralysis that allowed his survival kills companies. We see it often, dealing with crises in Crisis PR.

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Now you can argue there should be no change in leadership because people can lose confidence in a government that changes leaders mid-term, especially after the Rudd-Gillard debacles, and that’s true. Or you can argue about Abbott having an election mandate from the people to remain leader, also true.

You can also argue that too many changes undermine confidence. But with social media and globalisation, we are all getting used to the notion of rapid change.

The overwhelming view, sitting here, is that a failing CEO can destroy a good company. Abbott’s leadership will almost certainly paralyse the government.

This government has until January 2017 (in practice the end of 2016) to re-gain the confidence of its shareholders. It sounds like a long time, but for people like Turnbull it’s going to race towards us.

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