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Crisis PR: Learning from Abbott (stay with the main game)

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Side issues like the punitive cuts to the ABC (a broken promise with little economic benefit) and the knighting of the DofE created crisis level distractions that undercut the government’s ability to focus on its main game, correct the economy.

Crisis PR; Leadership

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In Crisis PR we’re often brought into a company to solve a problem that is peripheral to the main game of increasing dollars and jobs, but can threaten both. In Crisis PR we are constantly pushing back towards the main game.

Now you might be right to say that the overly harsh first Abbott/Hockey budget, built on a faulty foundation of broken pre-election promises, could never have succeeded, even without these distractions. But there was a time when it hung in the balance. Now there’s no hope.

Crisis PR; Leadership

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We think in the coming days it is going to become clear that Abbott/Hockey have lost any ability, not only achieve their budget ambitions, but maintain direction.

The silliness of it is that Abbott, in his election victory speech seemed to know he had to stay focussed, saying he would deliver “a government of no surprises and no excuses.” Had he taken that ‘steady-as-she-goes’ approach how different things might have been.

A real option now is that at the end of this term we may be voting back in a Labor government, not repaired sufficiently to lead.

We can learn a lot in the real world by watching the Canberra games. The reminder here for folks everywhere is focus on fewer objectives and never lose site of the main game.

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